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    Reset Quota

    JL Denis



      Is there anyway to reset the quota (Volume or Time) for a user apart from deleting the quota.db?





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          Does anyone have the answer.  I would like to have a quick way to reset the quota for a specific user.  Thanks

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            I'm interested too

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              I am sorry but currently there is no way to reset the quota globally/user specific via the UI. We have a feature request for this, so hopefully it will be possible in the future.




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                I have a large group of users (several thousand) who want individual quotas - the solution is to set HUGE global quota amounts and store a quota value in the users AD account. This is read (LDAP) and their usage calculated as Quota.Volume SizePerMonth - Quota.Volume.RemainingMonth.

                This is compares to the AD amount to trigger the block.


                If AD quota is increased, then takes only a couple on min for the user to be "free" to continue.