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    Mcafee Service Host Error


      Hello I get an error message saying Mcafee Service Host has caused an error and needs to close.


      I am using Internet Explorer 8 XP Windows.


      The error seems to appear within 1 hour of browsing online and keeps happening everyday now. Any ideas how to solve this problem. I have tried Mcafee Virtual Technician and everything came back o.k

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          Hello jiymac50,


          Please let us know the following information ;


          What brand of PC do you use ?? HP/Toshiba/Dell

          How Old is the computer ?

          Please open Internet explorer – Click on Tools – Click on Windows Update and install any available updates.


          Also, Open McAfee security center – Click on About and let us know ;


          McAfee Security center ;

          Version :

          Build :

          Aff id :


          McAfee Virus Scan :

          Version :

          DAT :


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            Anyone have any idea how to fix this?  I reinstalled mcafee but its still doing the same thing.

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              Hi, i have the same problem and i am getting the same message, it's been happening for the last 2 weeks or so.

              I have tried the links but they are not loading/working/page not found.

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                I have, finally, been able to use the Virtual Technician, and it fixed a registry problem, no other problems were detected.

                I'm hoping that will have done the job.

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                  This problem is still occurring since the 13th November.


                  Here are the answers to youir questions


                  Brand of PC is Acer


                  Age 1 year


                  All windows updated installed


                  Mcafee updated tonight as of 2nd December and I had the Mcafee Sevice Host error about 30 minutes later and the error does occur most days.


                  Mcafee Security Centre


                  Version 11.0


                  Build 11.0.623


                  Affild 0-1263



                  Mcafee Virus Scan


                  Version 15.0


                  DAT 6547


                  I use XP Windows service pack 3 and internet explorer 8.


                  I have seen similar reports of error with Macfee Service host so it cannot be an isolated problem. Please report this to the technical department for a fix patch. Thank you.

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                    I am receiving the exact same error message at least once per day, and I can assure the McAfee moderators and techs that the issue is NOT related to hardware: I have McAfee licenses for five different computers (all running Windows XP with the latest service packs)—one HP laptop with an AMD dual processor, one Macbook (yes, running Windows XP) with an Intel duo-core processor, one iMac (again, running Windows XP) with an Intel duo-core processor, one Gateway laptop with an AMD processor, and one Compaq laptop with an Intel duo-core processor—and the message pops up on ALL of them. I use Firefox 8.x on all of the computers (never IE), and other than Firefox, no two computers have the exact same software installed (but no cloud software installed, no zuma back-up, no netguard, or any of that stuff). In addition, I've seen postings about this error all over your McAfee forums and elsewhere on the internet, and it seems the error is popping up on a wide variety of makes and models of computers, and the only common denominators seem to be Windows XP and McAfee.

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                      Well I agree with most of what you say.Except the only commen denominator being XP.I have also had this problem 3 times in last 2 weeks.I am on Win 7.

                      Here is Image of the last one.




                      mcsvhost.JPGSo much for that idea.

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                        Thanks for the info, newjack. So now it looks like the only common denominator is...McAfee! So the folks at McAfee need to accept this fact, get their stuff together, and get the problem fixed on THEIR end! Please!

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                          I have had all sorts of problems with Mcafee.To their credit they have fixed most of them.But there always seems to be another cropping up.By the way how often are you recieving this error on your computer?

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