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    Can't Get TPS Console to Run

      My TPS access stopped working and I have a failed update message in the icon menu.  I have tried to go through customer service, but seems like nothing from McAfee will download to my computer (Virtual Tech app, GO To Assist).  In safe mode I am able to open the TPS console, but can not run a scan to see if something is blocking the exe. file.  Tried all the hints from the help page (manual start, update, etc. nothing worked).   Last night I disabled the file because I was beginning to have log off problems associated with TPS not responding.  I installed this version of TPS in August 2010 on my Dell with Vista home (serv. Pac 2) 32 bit processor, IE 8.  Any ideas how I might get TPS to open and update?


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          Peter M

          By TPS do you mean Total Protection Service (SaaS) ?   If so I will move this to that section.     The only immediate thing I notice is that perhaps you should install IE9.


          on 23/11/11 7:03:01 PM
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            Yes, I am talking about the Total Protection Service app for Home Office.  I bought a 3 year subscription last August.

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              Peter M

              Discussion moved from Home and Home Office to SaaS Endpoint Protection (Total Protection Service) for better attention.  Good luck. ;-)


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                I understand that your McAfee stopped working and not updating.


                Please try restarting the services of McAfee. If it is not working, Please reinstall the McAfee to fix this issue.


                Click on Start --> Click "Run" --> type "Services.msc" --> restart the service of engine server.exe, McShield.exe


                Run a manual update.


                Uninstall & Reinstall:


                Steps for Uninstallation :


                1. Log on to the security center from www.mcafeesaas.com

                2. Click on the tab utilities-> select the sub tab Migration & Optimization.

                3. Under the Cleanup Utility --> select the download option.

                4. Download and save it to the desktop and run this exe to uninstall.

                5. Delete all the entries from start-> select "Run" ->type "temp" and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Ignore the files that you are not able to delete)

                6.  Delete all the entries from start->select "Run" ->type "%temp%"and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Ignore the files that you are not able to delete)

                7. Reboot the computer.


                Steps for Installation :


                1. Login to www.mcafeesaas.com with your login credentials.

                2. Click on computers tab.

                3. Select the computer name from which you uninstalled McAfee and delete it.

                4. Close the security center.


                After you have done all the above steps, please proceed with the below steps for the installation.


                1.Open the webpage www.mcafeesaas.com

                2.Click on log in and enter your email address and password and login

                3.Under the tab dashboard, click on the install protection and select desktop protection.

                4.click on next.

                5.If you want to install McAfee on that computer you can install by selecting the first option.

                6.select the following features which you want to be installed in your computer.

                   Virus and spyware protection service

                   Firewall protection service

                   Browser protection and web filtering service

                7.click on click here to install.

                8.Download the tops file and save it on your desktop and run it from there.

                9.McAfee will be installed in your computer.


                Please let me know if you have any other queries and I will be assisting you further.



                Ravi Shankar. R