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    on-demand scan for the netapp filer

      dear all,

      please could anybody advice on how to run or schedule n-demand scan and do a full scan for the NetApp filer.

      the on access scan is detecting and cleaning viruses , but the on demand task is only running locally on the scanner server and scanning the net app filer.

      any help is highly appreciated
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          VSE for storage is not necessary to perform a “On Demand Scan” of a filer.

          It is simply a network resource.

          You can take any system running VSE and schedule a ODS of a “mapped drive”.



          If you are scanning Terabytes of data break up the task between multiple systems dedicated to scanning portions of the filer, so it can scan concurrently and complete the scan sooner. Keep in mind this latency impact this task will have.


          System 1 : Map drive for Directory a –m

          System 2 :  Map drive for Directory n –z