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    WARNING MfeEpeEsEncryptionInformationService ..\..\..\Src\EpeFsmHostErrorHandler.cpp: EPE_fsm_host_error_handler::handle: 71: Received service unavailable exception: The service MfeEpeEncryptionInformationServiceClient is currently unavailable




      this is within the MfeEpe.log of every EEPC encrypted Notebook in our environment (updated or fresh install regarding eepc) . Nevertheless every encryption has succesfully taken place, we have backups of all recovery files and there seems to be everthing fine. Except this error message.



      What we have done:


      Checklisted all steps out of https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB68410 and determined 3 issues in which we aren't sure they are as they should be:


      KB71003 - as Display name we have chosen "Samaccountname" instead of "name". This shouldn´t be ANY problem

      KB73045 - there is no such key "(...)\EEADMIN_100" but "(...)\EEADMIN_1000". Everthing else like the mentioned String and its Value is within the "(...)\EEADMIN1000" key. Well...I honestly really can´t determine if it's causing the error Message

      KB71003 - Usercertificate is "Usercertificate" - we could try this within the coming week but still I don`t see the point of the error message


      So, these are the three KB's which we could determine as different to the Checklist in KB68410. I would like to mention once more: Every Notebook is behaving fine related to the encryption. For sure we have sometimes minor problems in getting them activated but those errors are mostly solved within an hour or we contact McAfee directly.

      All I want to know is: Is it worth investing more time to investigate this issue? The Notebooks are behaving fine, just curious why this message exists within the logfile.


      Using: Agent; AVEnterprise/Antyspyware Enterprise; EEAgent 1.1.2; EEPC; EEFF No Update done on my Testnotebook regarding McAfee products, it is a clean fresh install on a newly installed WinXP SP3 32bit with all allowed Updates within our company.


      Please feel free to ask for further Informations. My english is not really the best, sorry for that.