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    Agent Installation Package

      Hi Guys,


      How to create a custom agent installation package that will automatically put a system to a certain Subsytem Tree instead of the Lost & Found group? For example we have a central ePO server and we want to "automatically" sort the manage system  to be placed to a specified System Tree group immediately after installation.



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          This isn't possible, I'm afraid - there's no way to embed anything in the agent install package that would do this. Instead you need to arrange your group sorting criteria so that the machines get placed in the correct group: please see the "Organising the system tree" section of the ePO 4.6 product guide for more details.


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            One way to accomplish this (almost automatically ) is to set a CustomProps value in registry during agent installation, then automatically assign a tag to a certain custom props value and finally sort systems into the system tree based on tags.


            Automatically sort systems into Group A example:

            1. Create and Assign "GroupA" tag automatically on all systems where CustomProps1=GroupA

            2. Under "Sorting criteria" for Group A add tag "GroupA"

            3. Install the McAfee Agent on the system/s with the switches below

            framepkg.exe /Install=Agent /CustomProps1=GroupA

            This will sort the system installed with the switch above into Group A


            Repeat the steps above for Gorup B, C and so on




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              Thanks for your suggestions. The command line framepkg.exe /Install=Agent /CustomProp1=GroupA does not appear to be valid (see attached) because according to the McAfee Agent 4.5 Product Guide, the command line switch /CustomProp1="Property 1" is applicable only to FrmInst.exe under FramePkg.exe package.




              Extracting the contents of FramePkg.exe provide these 6 files









              Then just out of curiosity i tried the option of using Orca MSI Editor to open MFEagent and modify the value of CUSTOMPROP1 under InstallExecuteSequence | SetCustomProperties, but this didnt work either because the installation just ended without any prompt and McAfee agent is not really installed on the system.

              MFEagent - Orca.jpg


              Its quite important for our organization (more than ten thousand machines scattered worlwide) to have the system tree properly sorted out "automatically". I really appreciate everyones help. Thanks..

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                Unfortunately there's a typo in the documentation - please KB67385 see  for details.

                In a nutshell it should be customprops, not customprop.


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                  As Joe mentioned you need to set up system tree sorting in order to let ePO take the strain.

                  Bit of a pain when initially setting  it all up but worth it in the end.


                  I always use Tag assingments to do the sort rather than the IP sorting feature. (Even if the TAG is assigned via IP addr)