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    Some workstation's failing to install Virusscan 8.8



      I'm created a test group in ePO to upgrade virusscan 8.7 to 8.8 and moved test workstations into that area. While the upgrade has worked in most case some have yet to update. Looking at one of the PC's I get the following error in the agent logfile


      2011-11-22 10:16:09    I    #2712    UpdEvents    Generating update event:EventId=2412:Severity=4:ProductId=VIRUSCAN8800:Locale=0000:UpdateType=Ins tall:UpdateError=-1:NewVersion=8.8.0:DateTime=


      Looking up the id suggests trying to depoly a product that requires a reboot, but this hasn't been set anywhere. It's strange that from the same group there is a mix of PC's that has been ok and ones thats haven't. Successful and unsuccessful deployments are a mixture of Windows XP and 7 clients.


      Anyone ahve any ideas?




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