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    Please code GMT+/- Into TimeZone selections

      I'm not sure why this still isn't in the product - it's impossible to know what time zone you are supposed to be in if you have a big global deployment.  I know this is something small but it's very annoying.

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          GMT timezones have been in the product in early versions. Experiences from the field have shown a lot of trouble with misunderstanding of timezone definitions, which has caused a lot of confusion. Additionally GMT +/- timezone definitions do not contain daylight saving times, and most customers do not want to switch the timezones on a regular basis. For this reasons the GMT+/- definitions have been removed.


          What exactly is the problem you are encountering? I imagine that every MWG even in a big deployment has a specific datacenter where it is located, which should be known by the administrator. What improvements would the GMT +/- definitions provide you?


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            It makes no sense to remove the definitions and has been a long frustration of mine because of our deployment.


            I have more than 20 internet POPs.  It makes sense from a deployment strategy to have MWG at each of these internet sites - when I have some random country that MWG is deployed in, trying to match the random cities you all choose to display on the time zones makes it time consuming on my end and sometimes nearly impossible to identify which city most closely matches my deployment.


            Why wouldn't you allow customers to choose GMT+/- regardless of DST?  It's not hard to code GMT+/- with DST or without if I want to use that as my time zone selection.

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              thank you for sharing your experience and requirements. As explained there were some reasons which caused the GMT +/- timezones to be removed from the product. Since I understand your requirement I recommend to file a Product Enhancement Request, to let the product management know that you need GMT +/-  timezones and why. You can file your request at


              https://secure.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/products/products-enhancement-request.a spx?region=us


              This is the best way to have your requirement officially in the system.


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