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    File copy question application control

      I have a question regarding McAfee Application Control. The client has agent 4.5 and application control/solidcore 5.1.1, application control is managed by ePO.


      When I have solidified/whitelist the computer it takes WAY to long time to copy files between two different network shares.


      I have tried to exclude file types, but the it is still taking to long to copy data between two different network shares, these shares are not solidified.


      If I disable Application Control it works lightning fast to transfer files between the two shares, it takes approximately 20 sec to copy 80 MB. When I activate application control it takes about 30 minutes for the same files to be copied.


      When transferring files from the computers hard drive to a USB memory it is lightning fast whether I have application enabled or disabled.


      In what policy is this setting located?

      Which setting controls file copying between mapped share?

      I have searched in the help section but cannot find the answer.


      Thanks in advance