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    Computer won't even start OS (post) after running virus scan

      I have a brand new Dell latitude e6420, to which I added Win7 ultimate 64-bit, 8GB of RAM (came with 2gb + vista basic...), and updated most drivers and Bios to the latest. All seemed to be well - updates ok, internet ok, burned a DVD,...


      All was well, until McAfee (the trial version - I have paid McAfee product on my other machines, but thought I would get the value out of the trial on this one for a few months...) launched a virus scan. I left the computer (not plugged in, but the new battery was fully charged), and came back a few hours later to a black screen with white text on it, something to the effect of not being able to reach ... something ( boot sector? protected area? ... arrgh, something I wish I'd written down...). Unfortunately, I was in a big hurry, so I turned off the computer with the power switch thinking I would check out the error when I came back.


      Unfortunately, all that happens now when pressing the power switch is the keyboard light and power switch lights turn on for about 5 seconds, then turn off. That's it. No hard drive action, nothing. And... no error message to read :-(


      I removed the hard drive and verified it seems to work fine connected to another PC (backed up my data off of it).

      I swapped back the original 2GB memory in the computer, but no difference.

      I can't use the windows or other CD to boot from since the CD tray won't open.

      Light sequences:

      With battery only: power button + caps lock lights go on for 5 sec, then off

      With battery + AC, or AC-only (no battery): Battery light goes on for about a second, then off, then the power button + caps lock lights go on for 5 sec.



      Thoughts on how to recover? I was wondering if the latest McAfee virus scanner was incompatible with the latest Bios (A21 I think).