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    McAfee blocking our software

      Alright I am not sure where to go to figure out what to do about this, the phone support people refuse to even talk to me because I dont personally own McAfee but I own a company that has software that for some reason McAfee has blocked (I think it stems back to an issue years ago that was a global issue in delphi code that was fixed but the definition files or whatever were not updated but I am not sure any sort of specifics as I am not the programmer)


      As it sits right now we just tell people to either get a refund for their software with McAfee or to just stop paying and uninstall the software move to any of the other options out there, but I would love to be able to fix this problem with McAfee so that we dont have to tell people to stop using the software.


      Does anyone know where or who I could talk to?


      Thank you and I apologize if I am in the completely wrong area for something like this

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          Are you talking about the SiteAdvisor browser add-on blocking websites?  If so which website? Also are we talking consumer products or Enterprise.


          If not, which product?


          I will move this topic to where it will get help when you answer.

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            No we have inventory software that restaurants use and run from their computer, i have seen it on the standard McAfee Total Protection as well as one that was just called mcafee oas.  It is not tied to website access (our software does speak to the web and transfer files back and forth) but rather as our software tries to access different files on the machine mcafee causes issues with the ability to read/write to our files which is preventing certain functions of our software from running properly (this is a brutally broad answer as I mentioned im not the programmer of the software).

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              If this was false detection you could still submit samples for diagnosis via avert Partners and Non-customers can submit samples via email to (virus_research@avertlabs.com). (in zip file password "infected")


              Unfortunately you sound like you are just having useability issues with the software due to blocks (eg access protection rules), in this case your designers will have to work out how to alter the configuration of McAfee enough to allow the software to work or what files and processes to except from Scanning/blocking etc. This would be something your company would do and distribute to your customers as advice when configuring your product.