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    Mcafee home network

      I was wondering has anyone looked into the problem with the Mcafee home network?? I posted about this a few months back.But can not find the thread.The problem is that under home network Mcafee lists my IP in reverse.I was curious if this is being worked on or if there is a fix for this. Thanks

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          Hi Newjack,

            I just asked about this on the call and Doug says two things. One, they looked into it and it's just a coding slipup in the way the IP address gets displayed. Underneath, internally, it's being passed around in the correct form. Only the way it displays is wrong. And two, it's a tiny, tiny, easy little fix and so of course in the way IT departments work that fix is sitting firmly at the bottom of the priority list  - but it will get done, he promises. It'll be slipped out without any fanfare in one of the releases.

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            I figured as much.But thanks for asking.I appreciate it.I am going to now try to Install Mcafee again.Since most of my previous problems seem to have been fixed......I think.Hopefully my computer can now run Mcafee software without browser crashing.Although my computer has been running great with the free AV I had on it for  about a month.I do believe since I am still paid up with Mcafee.The Mcafee Firewall is bettor protection.Thanks Again Hayton.