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    Rule Logic


      I am using role based access, based on AD membership, and it works great so far.  Running into a rule logic issue, here is my current setup for the problem rule.

      line one allow access to url's that match a given whitelist, with action of continue

      line two blocks url's whose category is in a category blocklist, with action of block.


      How can I allow access to the URL's, but not have the second part of the rule over-ride the first part of the rule?

      I am sure this is something easy, like all content in MWG7....

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          Jon Scholten

          You would set the first rule's action to "stop ruleset" which would stop it from processing the second rule (and other rules in the given ruleset).


          Alternativley, you could join the rules and say:

          IF URL category is in the black list

          AND URL is NOT in whitelist

          THEN block.


          I prefer the first as negative logic (used in second example) is a bit confusing sometimes.



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            thanks Jon,

            I had set the rule action as stop cycle, which seemed to work, but stop rule set  seems to work as well.. the difference between the two is hard to grasp.

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              Jon Scholten

              Stop cycle, means stop processing of all rules.


              Stop ruleset mean stop processing of rules in a given ruleset.