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    MWG 6.9 Adobe Flash Download Error


      When attempting to download the file from this URL - http://aihdownload.adobe.com/bin/install_flashplayer11x64ax_gtbd_aih.exe we get:


      McAfee Web Gateway


      McAfee Web Gateway Internal Error

      McAfee Web Gateway encountered an internal program error while handling your request ("http://aihdownload.adobe.com/bin/install_flashplayer11x64ax_gtbd_aih.exe").
      Please verify that your request is valid and try again.

      If the error still occurs, please ask your administrator to contact the McAfee Web Gateway Support Team.

      generated 21/Nov/2011:11:22:25 -0500 by webgateway (McAfee Web Gateway 6.9.0 Build 11735 - [4])


      Any ideas before we open a ticket?