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    Welcome Page - Only one time with user acknowledge


      Hi all,


      has someone build such a rule? I just want to show the welcome page for users only one time. The user should acknowledge the welcome page. After acknowledge the welcome page should not be shown any more or perhaps for about 20 day.


      Any Ideas?




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          Hello Thorsten,


          I think the example in the Rule Library that comes with the product should do this. It uses a button to unlock a quota session, which has a length of 2 minutes... you can try to extend the session to 20 days.




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            Hi Andre,

            the default Ruleset works perfect. It´s al fine when only one setting for coaching is necessary.


            A real big customer (43000 user) asked if it is possible to implement a flexible coaching page. That meens, the user should have the option not showing the welcomepage any more.

            - Option 1: the user clicks the button and coaching is working as usual

            - Option 2: the user actives a "don´t show any more checkbox" and the welcome page is not shown any more.


            Is this possible in any way?




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              In theory this should work. My idea would be to add a checkbox and add the information whether the checkbox was checked or not to the request, for example as a parameter. On Web Gateway I would place a rule on top of the Welcome Page rules which checks if the parameter is present. If the parameter is present (e.g. checkbox has been checked), write an entry to PDStorage, which will be valid for a configurable period of time.


              In the general Welcome Page rule set you could add a criteria that the Welcome Page ruleset is only activated, if the PDStorage entry is not present.


              If a user accepts and sets the checkbox, he gets his PDStorage key set, and will no longer get into the Welcome Page rules, as long as PDStorage does not timeout. For PDStorage a timeout of a month should be suitable, which means that only if a user has not been using Web Gateway for a month, the value is removed from PDStorage and the Welcome Page is presented again.


              I would do this to make sure that users who left the company or are no longer using Web Gateway for whatever reason drop from PDStorage after a while.


              This should be possible.




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                Hi Andre,

                did it. :-)


                i was able to build a ruleset to use different coaching settings based on the users choice. I fixed it with a second link, but i was not able to do it with a check box. Because of the link for the button in the welcome page is dynamic generate i don´t know how i can do this.

                Will try it a later time again. If you have any additional usefull information, please let me know.




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                  Hallo Thorsten!


                  Regarding the checkbox: I just did a quick and dirty proof of concept.


                  Clicking the button "Yes, please continue now!" on the welcome page triggers the javascript function activateSession().

                  This function is located at "/mwg-internal/de5fs23hu73ds/files/javascript/sw.js"

                  (see source "code" of the welcome page; I think you have already done this, since you have a solution with a second button/link).


                  Here is what I did:

                  1) I copied this function to the welcome page just before the table with the button and surrounded it with <script>-tags. This effectively overrides the original function.

                  2) I added the checkbox as a new cell in the table


                    <input type="checkbox" id="dontaskagain">Do not ask me again</input>



                  3) I added the following javascript code to the top of the just copied activateSession() function.


                  var checkbox = document.getElementById('dontaskagain');

                  if(checkbox.checked) {

                    url += "&dontaskagain=1";



                  4) I added a rule (as Andre has suggested)


                  Quota.Coaching.IsActivationRequest equals true AND URL.HasParameter("dontaskagain") equals true


                  Redirect<Redirection After Welcomepage...>


                  Use PDStorage to remember the users choice.



                  Note: This solution might not be the best or most elegant one, but it works (for me). And it can give you some inspiration. Use it at your own risk.