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    eepc 5.2.11 change 52110.10 - Synchronise system name to client...


      We have built a managed solution straddling multiple domain and workgroup networks that uses a group name prefix in the machine name to deal with duplicate machines across the service.  We inject our machine name group prefix into the ini file during installation of the client and this works fine but it appears this change could break this - from the EEPC release notes:


      52110.10Synchronise system name to client

      The client manager will now check the computer name in the admin system and if it is different to the local name, it will update it. When the name is changed, the client log will have an entry saying "Changing local machine name to "MACHINE_NAME"." (where "MACHINE_NAME" is the new name of the machine).

      NOTE: This will not change the Windows network name—only the name that the client stores internally.



      This seems to be saying that should a computer name change from when it was originally installed the system will now automatically update the machine name in the EEM console to reflect the new computer name?


      Is there a way to turn off this functionality?


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