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    How to Recover? - first Deployment Mistake


      Hello! - I've deployed EEPC 6.1.2 to a single Laptop, (Toshiba M9), as the start of a small test of the product, and was following the Quick Start Guide.


      As such - the Enable Automatic Booting checkbox in ePO is still ticked, but I failed to assign any users to the laptop in ePO.


      Now when the Laptop powers up, it flashes the EEPC Splash Screen and then resets, over and over...


      Booting off the EE Tech ISO, I get a few options, and can "Authorize" using the code of the day, but the "emergency boot" button is greyed out.


      Can I recover the Laptop - or will it be faster to reimage it?


      Additionally - is the constant rebooting the expected behaviour if no users are assigned to the machine?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Have you tried with Authentication with tokens as described in the eetech user guide? This way you can enable the grayed out buttons. Better remove the eepc and start again.

          If the machine is only for testing purpose with no valuable data to recover and you have difficulties with the EEtech you can reimage it.

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            a reboot loop is not expected no - what kind of laptop is it?


            And, the product won't activate without any users assigned, so I am expecting the root problem to be something else here. Possibly a buggy BIOS, or a virus/rootkit perhaps?

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              As mentioned - the laptop is a Toshiba M9..


              When I attempt to Authenicate via the Token button I get an error:


              Error EE0C0001

              Invalid Disk for pre-boot file system


              The laptop was still encrypting it's disks when I shut it down on Friday evening, would it of started the encryption if it hadn't activated?

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                You are using EETech off a CD, or the stand-alone version? If it's off anything other than a CD, then you need to make sure you set the correct drive, as some BIOS think the boot USB stick is drive 0, rather than the real drive.


                No, it would not have started the encryption without activating the pre-boot and enabling some users. The error is strange though, it usually means the BIOS is confused about the disks - perhaps there's a usb stick, a pcmcia drive etc installed?


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                  As stated - I'm booting of the EE Tech ISO burnt to a CD, without that - I get a reboot loop.


                  The EE Tech ISO brings up a menu, with an "Authenticate" Tab, (among others), there are two options "Token" and "File".

                  Pressing "Token" gives the above error. "File" opens an explorer style window.


                  I have reimaged the Laptop now - I'll let you know if the problem reappears after I reinstall EEPC.

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                    After the reimage and having added some specific users to the laptop in ePO, and ticking the "Add local domain user" policy on for good measure, it seems to be working correctly - thanks for the replies though.