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    Demande d'aide suite à virus



      J'ai des problèmes de virus depuis 1 semaine, Stinger et Malwarebyte ont permis de stabiliser la situation, mais depuis, j'ai régulièrement des accès sortants sur internet vers des sites dangereux qui sont bloqué. De plus quand j'utilise internet explorer ou Firefox, il n'ouvre pas les sites que je demande mais me fait passer par des sites autres.

      Je suis sur qu'il y a encore un problème, mais ni MacAffee total protection, ni stinger, ni Malwarebyte ne me dit quoi, ni ne le supprime.


      Le programme qui tente de communiquer avec l'extérieur est mcsvhost (qui je crois est un programme de MacAffe), ou iexplore


      Quelqu'un peut-il m'aider ?


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          I got  a Trojan.fake alert a week ago.

          Mc affee didn't stop it. Malware Malwarebytes have succeeded in stabilizing the system but we often have this message:

          Malware stopped a dangerous connexion, IP; type: outgoing; process: often iexplore.exe, one time suchost.exe.

          Malware log said: IP-blocked (type : outgoing, port: (for example)49 210, process: mcsvhost.exe, or firefox, or iexplore).

          at the same time, google researches are redirected to unknown websites.


          I read the mc affee file "mcsvhost.exe" can be infected.


          Has someone succeeded to resolve this problem?





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            What was the name of the  virus? Did you use the fake alert stinger or the normal stinger?


            Try running Mcafee in safe mode. Also have you a restore point prior to the infection maybe that will help?


            Moving this tio Top threats forum

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              We don't know the virus name

              We used the normal stinger

              We tried MacAffee in safe mode and Malwarebyte too

              But we haven't got any restore point prior to the problem


              Thank you for your answer



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                I use the fake alert stinger today.

                He detects nothing

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                  OK will ask a lab tech to have a read

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                    Thanks Tony !


                    Hello Hugues,


                    Thanks for your follow up !


                    It is possible that there are more than a malware in your system. In attempt to help you with this issue, we suggest you to run the McAfee GetSusp tool, which is available here. McAfee GetSusp will perform a scan in your system and will upload any suspicious files found in the system to our analysis. Please add your email address under Preferences|Customer Information section once you have this tool downloaded to your computer, so we will be able to keep you posted.


                    Once it's been uploaded for analysis, kindly let us know and we will be glad to help you on investigate further.


                    Hope this helps !


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                      Hello Patty

                      Thank you for your help


                      I have done what you wrote

                      6 suspicious files have been detected

                      suspicious samples have been delivered to McAffee LAbs

                      I hope you receive the rapport


                      I'm waiting for your answer


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                        What I receive in my mailbox



                                SR Number               Creation Date                WorkItem ID        Machine Name           

                                =========               ==============               ===========        ===========            

                                None specified          11/24/2011 11:56:13 AM       347578             PC-DE-GAEL             



                                File Name                           Findings                            Detection                           Type                               

                                ---------                           --------                            ---------                           ----                               

                                facehi.dl_                          not_detected                        Unknown                            

                                facerec.dl_                         not_detected                        Unknown                            

                                googledesktop.ex_                   not_detected                        Unknown                            

                                smartfacevcp.dl_                    not_detected                        Unknown                            

                                smartfacevctrl.dl_                  not_detected                        Unknown                            

                                smartfacevlogon.dl_                 not_detected                        Unknown                            


                        In the event that the files are not listed as known threats, the submission will be forwarded to a McAfee Labs Researcher for further analysis. You will be contacted by McAfee Labs through email with the results of that analysis.

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                          Hello Hugues,


                          Thank you for your follow up ! The files you submitted will be reviewed and we will let you know of any updates.


                          Best Regards,


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