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        P.S. - FYI,  I'm running McAfee Security Center V. 11.0, Build 11.0.669, Personal Firewall V. 12.0, Build 12.0.351



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          Allow or block Internet connections
          You can change your settings to allow or block Internet connections for your programs.



          It does similiar to Siteadvisor The techs say fine to do it for a short time.

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            Which feature is causing this problem?  Sit Advisor or Netguard?  Thanx

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              Hi Peacekeeper,


              Sorry fo the late reply. My affid is 755.

              I currently have Site Advisor 3.4.0 and ScriptScan 14.4.1 disabled.

              Getting fewer svchost errors but today I had a sync error.


              I am just about ready  to take the advice of others  and uninstall those 2 programs to see if this goes away.

              where is the latest patch that you are referring to?

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                It is coming as I mentioned I cannot say the exact date as I got burnt doing that previously.


                It is soon

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                  I"m new to this forum/group and I'm experiencing the same problems.  I have to admit I'm pretty discouraged.    I am living on very low income right now and sank $50.00 into McAfee Internet Security 2012.  I've had nothing but problems since then.  I get the McAfee Service Host error message as well and then I can't browse anything no matter which browser I use.  My computer is SO slow, it's infuriating and I can't afford to replace this program.   I'm being told I have a virus in the computer which makes me even more angry since I trusted McAfee to protect my computer from viruses.


                  I'm running Windows XP

                  It doesn't matter which browser I use, it affects all of them.  (Google chrome, IE, Firefox)

                  I also have issues with it shutting down Chrome.

                  I always send in the error reports but I have a feeling that nothing is done with those anyways.


                  I think I'm done with McAfee. Just not sure if I can afford another antivirus.


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                    @mizkelmo :

                    At least two issues here, maybe three.


                    First things first. What's the system spec for your machine - what's the CPU, what's the processor speed, how much RAM?  You can hunt for the information in Windows, or get it from Speccy.


                    You can get some performance improvements by doing the usual things - delete any old and unwanted programs (Java is a prime candidate if you've got it; do you really need Flash/Adobe Reader/Silverlight et al?), run Disk Cleanup, schedule a chkdsk for the next reboot (check the box for Fix System File Errors), run Defrag. Beyond that you need to delve a little further and start disabling unneeded services and browser add-ons.


                    McSvHost can be instructed to restart automatically whenever it fails - then, it remains annoying but shouldn't mess up your browsing. You need to go into services.msc and call up the Properties for mcsvhost and change the settings.


                    As to possible infections : McAfee can be beaten, by so-called zero-day exploits. Then it's a case of catch-up. The best thing to do if you suspect something's there that McAfee can't detect is to get a second opinion - run a free scan from Microsoft and Malwarebytes. As you've got XP you can run Windows Defender alongside McAfee (although there's a performance hit at start-up).


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                      If you want to avoid all the grief that others have been discussing here for months, I'd suggest you remove McAfee completely. Go to there site for the instructions on how to do this. They also offer a clean up tool to remove any remnants. Then down load Microsoft Essentials from the Microsoft website. The reviews for it are very good and best of all it's free and it updates itself once per day automatically. I say this after being a McAfee customer for years. I have manged to stop the problems for me by removing SiteAdvisor. Unfortunately, for others that does not work .


                      If this problem is not fix for the rest of the McAfee community I will switch to Microsift Essentials at the end of the year when my subscription comes up for renewal.


                      Good luck!

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                        bender.b.rodriguez wrote:


                        Which feature is causing this problem?  Sit Advisor or Netguard?  Thanx


                        Hello - any inputs here?

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                          You'll have to wait for Tony. He's on Australia time, so allow for the timezone difference. It's morning, he could be out.

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