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        ws65711 wrotte:


        "Yes, I uninstalled SiteAdvisor from Control Panel "Add or Remove Programs".   SiteAdvisor can be uninstalled seperately from McAfee AntiVirus.  I haven't had any more error messages since I've uninstalled SiteAdvisor."


        and Peacekeeper wrotte


        As I mentioned many times this issue can be caused by several issues

        1 Netguard a component of the firewall, disabling it helps

        2. Netguard and siteadvisor have common ways they work so removing SA might do the same as disabling netguard

        3. then there is another issue that neither of above help. I feel this is the majority of posters here. Mcafee feels they know how to fix this but with QA testing  it may be a while"


        In my case SiteAdvisor was not as a separate SW, I do not understand why? so I can not uninsall from "Add or Remove Programs"-


        I had SIteAdvisor as exttension, either in Explorer and Chrome; I disabled in both, although I mainly use Chrome.


        Thanks guys for your advices, I will check if this action improve the behavoir of Mcafee host.


        By the way, any idea about why SiteAdvisor is installed as a program or as complement?


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          Maneld -


          I guess I wasn't totally clear, because I was going from memory alone.   This picture should help.


          Open the Windows XP  Control Panel,  then choose "Add or Remove Programs".

          Then scroll down to "McAfee AntiVirus Plus" and press the "Change/Remove" button.

          When the next dialog pops up, under "Remove McAfee Software", choose "SiteAdvisor".

          Note that mine is already uninstalled, so not visible in the picture .


          Hope this helps . . .




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            Yep, I've already did that (uninstalled SiteAdvisor) here's hoping it solves the problem I posted many weeks ago.

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              Many Thanks ws65711 !! 


              SiteAdvisor unistalled.


              Done,  following your instructions


              As RoberttheBruce wrotte, here's hopping it solves the problem !!


              At least we are 3 people doing the same action; hope it is useful for McAfee; don't ypu think so ?


              By the way, here from Spain, although i do not think that language or location was the source of this error.





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                I have not had the error message occur since I uninstalled SiteAdvisor on March 27th (7 days ago).   Previously the error would pop up one or more times per day, sometimes up to 9 or 10 times.  Most of the time I would just acknowledge the message and everything continued as if nothing had happened.  But sometimes Internet Explorer would freeze up and all internet access would cease until after a reboot.  This even after forcing Internet Explorer to close, and then restarting it.


                There are at least four of us now that have uninstalled SiteAdvisor to solve the problem, WS65711 (me), Maneld (you), RoberttheBruce, and jlcavor.  It was jlcavor's post from February 17th that prompted me to try the uninstall.  McAfee should learn from this . . .


                on 4/5/12 7:36:51 AM CDT
                • 165. Re: McAfee Service Host Problem

                  Hi, then 4 people working without SiteAdvisor !


                  Using Chrome i did not have any crash, and I did not need to reboot any time, only the ugly feeling wondering why in my PC ? My son's PC does not have this problem.


                  From this morning, after uninstall SiteAdvisor , surfing Internet without error popup, it is early to confirm....but  I trust that it solves the problem.


                  If finally this is the solution.....MaAfee should answer why SiteAdvisor can not be used in all PC and configurations, don't they ?


                  Please, would any other suffering this error uninstall SiteAdvisor and share your experiece?



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                    Too good to be true. Uninstalled SiteAdvisor. Still getting original Error Report message.

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                      Sorry to hear this. As reported by others there appear to be multiple causes for this error. In my case there is no doubt it was SiteAdvisor. As mentioned above, all I did was uninstall the program and my system has been error free since mid-February.

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                        Yes my test XP box is running with SA and only got the error 1 time. that was whan I was installing adobe air. As I said their are several causes and the fix is they feel known so we now have to stir them to up the priority of it.

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                          Hopefully the SiteAdvisor uninstall will work for most people.   I have 9 or 10 McAfee licenses and installations.  Only 3 had SiteAdvisor installed and all of those had the error message pop up periodically.  I uninstalled SiteAdvisor from those 3 machines and the errors have disappeared.  All of my machines run Windows XP Pro SP-3.  None have tweakui or Aobe Air installed.  And NOW none have the SiteAdvisor virus installed . . . 

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