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    (M) and (V) system tray icons issue.

      My company is using McAfee Antivirus System. I formatted system by myself. I only saw 2 folders in the McAfee Installation - ePO Agent 8.5 and VSE 8.7i from my company file server. The VSE seems old one, v8.7.0.187. I started the installation with ePO Agent followed by the VSE installer. Then, I did the click to updates but it still appeared as 2 seperate icons (M and V) in my system tray. (M) = ePO Agent while (V) = VSE. So I checked to the (M) system tray menu, the "Managed Features" is still disabled... I don't know what does that mean?


      I also read this post - https://community.mcafee.com/thread/34039. So I intend to get patches to try. However, I am not sure where to download these VSE 8.7i patches... I can't find anywhere from McAfee official websites, what should I do then?