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    Why is my MCAfee Virusscan Enterprise is not managed into MCAfee EPO Agent?

      I just formatted my laptop today, so I reinstalled the MCAfee system.


      This is what I did: First, I installed MCAfee EPO Agent 4.5, then I installed MCAfee Virusscan Enterprise 8.7i. I see 2 icons in my system tray. Look a like one is new icon (MCAfee EPO Agent 4.5) and another is older icon (MCAfee Virusscan Enterprise 8.7i).


      When I go right click to the MCAfee EPO Agent icon, the "Managed Features" is gray (disabled). I remembered when I have my MCAfee Virusscan Enterprise managed into the MCAfee EPO Agent. No matter how I reinstalled, it still appeared as 2 seperated items...


      Can you guys please guide me to solve this issue? Thanks.