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    Mcafee Anti virus plus, renewed ages ago, downloaded countless times still shows expired!

      Hi All


      I am completly at my wits and im therefore hoping one of you clever kind folks can help me


      I am the proud owner not of the above product!! This product was renewed in June and expires next June, no problems until last month. Now every week or two weeks it comes up with product expired!! if I go to my account and download it again, the problem goes away for a bit anyway. If I click verify subscription though it doesnt seem to!!


      I am thoroughly thoroughly sick to the back teeth of this now and will not be renewing at renewal time, but just want it to work properly up until then!! Help 


      I cant even work out how to get the people at Mcagee to look at this since there is no contact tech support option when I log into my account.


      Any ideas folks, thanks for all your help


      K x