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    Agent Wakeup fails on Windows 7 64bit machines

      I am running EPO 4.5 with Agent  I cannot perform Agent Wakeups on Windows 7 64bit client machines.  I can Deploy the Agent though, and do a Collect and Send Props at the client end once installed.


      The Server Task Log appears to be cycling through the various methods of contacting the agent and failing (DNS, Netbios etc).  I have checked to ensuire that the server running ePO can ping the machines in question so DNS is not an issue.


      Where else should I start looking to try to resolve this?




      edit - Windows XP and 32bit Windows 7 machines are okay, as are 32bit AND 64bit Windows Server versions.  Re pinging hostnames above, this was from the OS command prompt, not the EPO ping function.


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