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    Need help with Mcafee anti virus?

      well first of all i really dont have the money to call someone to fix this problem. the problem is that i had mcafee for about a year now and it was running out of subscription so i used the free year promo code that came with our pc and when i downloaded it it removed previous versions of mcafee but failed to install the new one so i was left without a antivirus program. i went to support on mcafee and they said that the problem was i had a virus and i needed to get somone to fix it which i dont have money for. so i did a system restore and i have the mcafee program again but it is not working properly. i cant scan computer and it turns scanning off on its own and cant update. i was wondering if there was anything i could try to get it working right? what could i do? is it the virus causing this problem? could i download a program somewhere free to rid the virus just so i can install mcafee properly? is there any way out other than calling somone and being charged?