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    Real-time scanning slows down computer



      I have been using Antivirus Plus for several years and things have been working fairly well, including when I browse the web. Recently, however, the real-time scanning has started to become quite an annoyance whenever I use the computer, for example when opening a document or launching a new application, but particularly when web browsing (using Firefox 7 or IE7). Every time I load a new page, click on something, even a text input box, or scroll downwards on a web page, mcshield.exe starts to consume almost all CPU power. It ususally doesn't stay like that for more than a few seconds, but that is enough to interfere with the flow of browsing. I don't know what has happened, it hasn't been like this before. My hardware or OS hasn't changed (which might be part of the problem since the CPU power is 1.86 GHz and RAM is 2 GB, running on Windows XP), but I am guessing an update to the real-time scanner software has caused this...? Note that whenever I turn off real-time scanning, things work well. I've run full antivirus scans and checked the logs, and everything seems to be ok in that respect. Any help with this is appreciated!

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          Kindly let us know some of the additional information ;


          What service Pack ?

          Version of McAfee Virus scan :

          DAT version :

          When was the last time the PC completed a windows update ?





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            Hi, and thanks for responding. I am running Windows XP SP3. The version of McAfee Virus Scan is 15.0, DAT: 6544. I have automatic updates for Windows turned on, so it should be up to date.


            It has been a couple of weeks since I first posted about this, and after reinstalling Antivirus Plus a number of times and removing other anti-malware from the system, the problems have become less significant. What I do notice, however, is that mcshield.exe seems to become busier when the computer has been running for a long time (several days) without rebooting.

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              It seems like I was to quick to conclude that the problems with the real-time scanner had become less significant. Today, after a reboot of the computer, mcshield.exe has once again started to intermittently jump up to around 99% of cpu power for a few (at best) seconds at a time. Do you know if there has been a new update that could have caused this problem? The only change I have made to my system recently is to remove a bunch of old and unused zip files in order to cut down a little on the very long time the virus scan takes to complete...