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    Internet Pages Slow

    Roberto Rossi

      Hello Everybody;


      I use HIPS 8.0 and when  i mark the IPS enable, some webpages open very slowly.

      For test, when I disable , they back to open fast.
      Can anybody help me , please?

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          Do you see any security events generating when experiencing the issue? Do you see any similarity with the websites that load slow? Is the issue only with IE or other web browsers as well?

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            Roberto Rossi




            The behavior is strange. In the same web browser in the same versions, same web pages , I have differents behaviors. Some are fast, others are very slow. I do the test only with de IE8 and 9 , because they are approved. I solve this issue doing the downgrade of the product to HIPS 7.0. Do the tests and de websiter answer well. I will wait by the next extension the HIPS 8. I have some other little problems with this version, and i trust this issue will be solve in the release of the extension.

            Thanks for your help.

            If you konw anything about this issue, please report me.