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    Connection problems to one certain address

      Hi guys,


      I am trying to connect a trading tool which needs a connection to the following IP:

      I don't get a connection.

      If try to inspect the certificate under SSL Scanner - Certificate Verification, I get the error message: Error connecting host.

      I have another connection to the internet without any proxy and it works there. It is also possible to connect to from this internet connection. (not SSL, but HTTP)

      If I try to open in the network with Webwasher, the message "Webwasher was not able to connect to" appears. Like the Server is not reachable, but this is strange, because I am able to access the Server from another Internet Connection.

      It also worked a few days ago, before I upgraded to Webwasher 6.9.0 build 11735, before I had 6.8.5 build xxx

      Do you have any idea where the problem could be?


      I already checked all our firewall logs, there is nothing wrong with it.


      Thanks in Advance,