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    Windows 7 - redirected links - performance problems




      we have performance problems with VirusScan and redirected links since Windows 7 , XP don't have such problems


      see the Microsoft link for details : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc732275.aspx


      If a user travels - the logon in a far location is strong delayed - because of scanning the far located redirected links .

      These links to the home located favorits and more do delay massive the login process.


      - does anyone know how to bypass this scanning of redirected links ?

      - Network scanning is disabled - these links are network links too - why they are scanned ?


      best regards

                               Michael Finke

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          Possibly down to the way Win7 is presenting the mapped folder to the system.


          You could try setting a standard local folder exception with wildcard like


          %userprofile%\My Documents


          This would exclude the folder from local scans completely and seeing as the folder/files reside on a server they are scanned/protected by the AV on the server.


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