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    How to stop scan32.exe.


      W're using Viruscan 8.5i and even when we configure the scantask to use 10% CPU another program that we use is slowing down.

      Now we want to kill the task at the taskmanager but that is protected against killing. (access denied)
      And if i know the console password i can't stop it either via that way.

      How can we do this without manual action for example by a commandline?

      RISO Deventer
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          Under access protection you need to uncheck the "prevent mcafee services from being stopped" - that should do the trick.

          I don't think you can get around this using the command prompt, you would still be doing a service stop or a tskill as far as I know.
          • 2. it works
            Dear jsuuronen,

            It does the trick. When took the enable away I could kill scan32.exe.
            When I use ePo is this thing enabled again or can I do this on the machine that i'm talking about.

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              If your EPO policy is set to have that option enforced (which it sounds like it is), then it will be re-enabled at each policy enforcement time. You would have to manually take these same steps each time.

              It sounds like you need to look into setting up some proper exclusions to let the process run without interference.

              The set CPU % works by taking a sample of CPU usage over.. 10s I think? maybe 15s, and it determines the % from that. But once this is done, it does not dynamically change that % to reflect 20% overall CPU usage.