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    Microsoft Patches from Oct 14th and VirusScan 8.7

      Hey all,

      test box, Windows XP with SP3 and all Microsoft patches loaded from September updates. I was running 8.5i and upgraded to 8.7 about 2 weeks ago to test it out. Last night I went to Microsoft's site to get October's patches and when I came back to the PC I noticed that VirusScan was disabled. Thought it odd that a patch would do that, but never mind. That was, until I rebooted and noticed now that I have no McAfee VirusScan! The service says can't find the files specified and when I look in C:\Program Files\McAfee\VirusScan Enterprise, the directory is completely empty except for a Res0900 directory which is also empty!

      Has anyone else noticed any problems from October's Patch Tuesday? :confused: I'm looking around other sites to see if anyone else has been affected.