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    Product Conflict: Siteadv_3500 will not be installed

      I'm at a loss with this one and figured I would see if anyone might now what is going on.  I just downloaded SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.5 and trying to test with it.  I currently am running SA 3.0 Plus.  I have setup my Deployment Tasks to install the updated SA over my older 3.0 client.  That failed with the "Product Conflict: Siteadv_3500 will not be installed" error within the Agent Monitor Status.  I then changed the task to remove the older 3.0 client.  That was successful.  I then changed the task again to install the 3.5 client but I'm still getting the same Product Conflict error.


      I'm currently running on my client:


      McAfee agent




      I'm not sure what product the install could be in conflict with.  Any help would be appreciated.