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    Faster deployment



      I would like to make my deployments complete faster...

      Like this:


      * I install FramePkg.exe on my client

      Now i want to get the host up to date as fast as possible. I can watch the client and press "Check for new polices/tasks" and "Enforce Policies" manually as soon as the tasks complete.


      But, i want to do this automaticly , Just running CmdAgent.exe /C will do this once and then wait for next server communication.

      My timers is set to communicate with server 1/h and enforce principals /5min


      Should i lower this times or is there any other way to get a host fully updated in minimal time?



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          When an agent is installed, it will make its first communication within 10 minutes: so as long as you have a deployment task assigned that is set to "run immediately" you know that the client will start installing VSE within 10 minutes of the agent being installed. The installation task includes an update as well, so you don't need a separate update task.


          HTH -



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            Hmm, in my enviroment this is not really true, sure things will start happening within 10 minutes but it takes 20minutes for the computer to install vs8.8patch1 and update to latest DAT.

            Most of this time nothing happends on the computer, every 5 min something starts installing when this is done it waits for the next 5min cycle .


            All assigned tasks is set to "run immediately"


            This is not really a problem , just wait and the computer will get installed.

            But when i deploy new computers mcafee is part of a much bigger taskcycle that installs many other programs, if a mcafee task is running at the same time it sometimes block other msi from running.