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    filter by expression in sidewinder

    Ahmed Eissa

      when adding any url in smartfilter under a defined category it is easily to do

      but can i add a keword or experession to block in

      i tried to add 8 before this keyword in smart filter but it didn`t match

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          If you wish to keep the mangement of your SmartFilter policy "on box" (using the Firewall Enterprise Admin Console) then it doesn't look as though it's possible to filter based on expressions. I think the on box implementation was designed as a simple way of implementing URL filtering.


          However, you do have the option to use the Remote SmartFilter Adminsitration Console option. Using your Grant ID, you can download the SmartFilter Admin Console from McAfee and install it on a Windows, Solaris or RedHat Linux machine and use this for managing your URL filtering policy. As I understand it, this method allows you to create a much more comprehensive URL filtering configuration, including using expressions.


          Hope this helps.

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            Ahmed Eissa

            in the begining thanks for ur reply PHilm

            i did download the admin console but unfortuantely i can only block url link, what i need to block an expression like some keyowrds whcih can be a borderline sex for Example

            all what i can is block unique url only ,

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              Ahmed Eissa

              any update please ......

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                If your need for a reply is urgent, then I would recommend that you raise a service request with McAfee Technical Support.


                There does appear to be keyword filtering available within the off-box SmartFilter Administration option.  In the upper-left window, select the plug-in entry you created to link your Firewall to this administration environment. In the lower-left window, select the Create Policies -> Keywords options. In here you can specify your trigger keywords and the URL categories that you wish to place these entries into.


                If you click on the "?" button in the toolbar of the SmartFilter Administration console, you will be taken directly to the help topic for that area which explains how to implement this function.