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    Problems with VSE 8.8 EPO installation task and UNC-shares in system environment path




      I have problems to install the VSE 8.8 using an installation task of the EPO 4.6.1 server. It’s not possible to install the VSE 8.8 on a XP or Windows 7 machine that use an UNC-path in system environment path. I also contacted the McAfee support and they sent me the VSE patch 1 installation package. But the problem appears again!

      If I install the VSE 8.8 manually on the XP machine using “SetupVSE.exe BYPASSUNCCHECK=1 /q” the installation can be performed without problems. I found this command parameter in McAfee KB73288. But I will install the VSE 8.8 using the EPO 4.6.1 server installation task. I also used the command “SetupVSE.exe BYPASSUNCCHECK=1 /q” in the installer task command line. The VSE 8.8 installation starts on the XP machine without UNC-errors in Windows application log but the task will not be finished! The last EPO agent log entry is "... Verifying vcredist_x64.exe" . The EPO agent is on version 4.6.


      The McAfee gold support has no idea to solve this problem!!! How can that be??? The VSE 8.7 has no problems with UNC pathes in system environment path. I don’t need this UNC-Check!


      I hope anybody has a hint what can I do in this case to install the VSE 8.8 using an EPO installation task.


      Thanks and greetings from Germany