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    ePO 4.5 upgrade  - client agent issues


      Hi all,


      New to the ePO orchestrator so please  bare with me on this.  At the moment we have 2 versions of ePO orchestrator running on 2 different boxes.  4.0 is running on an older box which is connected to our old LDAP domain database.  However, the new version we are using, 4.5, is connected to active directory and getting it's information from within that AD structure.  Now, the problem being, 4.5 is saying I have 530 odd machines NOT syncing with 4.5, however everytime I try to deploy the agent to these machines it fails to connect or just times out.


      Out of those 530 odd machines I can see thats active, ePO is displaying the wrong information for that machine.  Here's an example, lets say that a desktop box called "userpc1" is being displayed in that list and ePO is saying the IP address is  When I ping that IP address, it bounces and times out, however when I ping the hostname of the machine I get an active response.  Running nbtstat shows me that yes the machines active, but has a COMPLETELY different IP address to what ePO is showing.  This seems to be happening for most of the machines which are active.


      I'm not 100% sure whats going on, however I'm thinking it might be a combination of old machines in AD which need to be removed or...there is an issue with DNS somewhere along the lines. 


      Would be interesting to hear advice from some of the folk on here, normally able to find answers to most of my questions already, but this one has me stumped!