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    SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.5 not working via proxy server

      Have been using SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.0 for some time.  Configured to use browser proxy server settings, so that laptop users are covered both inside and outside the office.

      Checked version 3.5 into ePO yesterday, which inherited all the policies from 3.0.  Deployed it to five machines to test it out, before rolling out to everyone.  Not working!  All the machines say "Error retrieving SiteAdvisor information", whilst behind the proxy.  No problem away from the corporate network.  The vast majority of machines are still on 3.0 and working fine.


      The General settings within the Policy use HTTP proxy authentication, which worked fine at version 3.0.  Anybody successfully using 3.5 behind a proxy? 

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          SAE 3.5 has limitation that it is not able to retrieve ratings when behind proxy using NTLM user mode authentication. Are you using this authentication in transparent mode by any chance !! In that case you will have to create exclusion for SAE to retrieve the ratings.

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            The proxy was authenticating in "Integrated (NTLM)" mode.  I have now added "Basic" as a second option for authentication, and SiteAdvisor seems to be working.  I guess all the security experts will say that under no circumstances should you allow "Basic" as it is not encrypted, but am I really running a significant risk here on my internal network?

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              If you want to continue with Integrated (NTLM) mode then kindly create exclusion for the following till SAE doesn't come up with the support for this mode. You can create exclusion for sae.gti.mcafee.com in proxy. This should be able to allow SAE to retrieve ratings.. Only case where this might not work is where SAE is trying to retrieve information using IP whereas proxy has domain name exclusion. If this case arises then you can carry "nslook saelist.gti.mcafee.com" to get list of IPs that you need to exlude for SAE to retrieve ratings. These IPs are dynamic in nature. Though these should remain static for all purposes but these can change.