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    what is mfehidk.sys

      what is this mfehidf.sys

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          how does this get fixed?

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            Hi John999,

            Kindly let us know if this file is getting detected while you try to run a scan or any other activity during McAfee ? Also let us know the below details ;

            What operating system ?

            Are you installing McAfee through a cd  or from the website ?





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              Caused a blue screen crash on a new windows 7 laptop.


              The program (McAfee) was downloaded as instructed


              wiped the laptopa back to "original" and it happened again...google says it's your problem (McAfee) and you have no consistent fix yet..true?

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                @john999 :  I've seen this BSOD problem reported in several threads in the Business section with VirusScan Enterprise. There is a Hotfix available for corporate customers (see this post in another forum), but it almost certainly won't work (and isn't available) for Home users. What's your installed McAfee product?


                As for what the file is :

                Mfehidk.sys is a system process that runs in the computer background and maintains the Host Intrusion Detection System for McAfee Anti-virus. It is essentially a real-time shield and detects malicious software as it runs on the computer before it has a chance to cause significant damage.


                That excerpt clearly refers to the Enterprise product, but the description is still valid for the Consumer versions.


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                  By original did it have an AV installed on it?


                  If so did you remove it first by its own removal tool before Mcafee installed?