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    Blocking facebook apps not working.

      I have a group that I allow to use social network sites, so in the catagorically blocked I simply do not include Social networks.   The very next rule is:


      Facebook Filter

      URL matches is in list not allowed facebook functions with a action of blocked.


      in the list I have

      1*facebook.com/ajax/updatestatus.php*Status Update on facebook
      2*facebook.com/ajax/composer/attachment.php*Attachements to facebook posts
      3*facebook.com/ajax/home/feed.php*News Feed on Homepage
      4*facebook.com/ajax/intent.php*Authorizing Applications
      5*facebook.com/ajax/home/inbox.php*Message Inbox
      6*facebook.com/ajax/photos/upload*Photo upload
      7*upload.facebook.com/photos_upload.php*Other photo upload
      8*.facebook.com/ajax/hovercard/hover card, when moving mouse over a person
      9*apps.facebook.com/*Facebook application, games, etc.
      10*facebook.com/ajax/chat/*Facebook Chat



      With this rule in place I am still able to update my status, chat, look at inbox and others,  The only thing that I see it blocking is *apps.facebook.com/*


      I am unsure why.  I have installed HTTP watch and see that When I click on chat a call is made to facebook.com/ajax/chat 


      Why would this rule not work?

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          Jon Scholten

          How are you accessing facebook (HTTP|HTTPS)?


          If you have the SSL scanner disabled, and you are accessing facebook using HTTPS, then this will not work.



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            Thanks Jon:


            So I have read on the SSL scanning.  I currently have a rule in the common rule set that is DIS-abled(not sure why)  if I understand what you are saying I need to enable this rule at a minimum of Enable content inspection. 


            Sorry for the simple questions,  This was installed with very minimal rules and I have no training.


            Thanks for you assistance,

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              please be cautios!


              If SSL Scanning is disabled there is most likely a reason. SSL Scanner is NOT a simple "turn-on" feature, it needs some understanding of what is happening and some considerations to be done. For example you need to have a RootCA rolled out or imported which MWG will use to sign SSL sites, once SSL Scanner is turned on.


              In case the environment is not prepared, simply turning SSL Scanner on can result in some severe impact to end-users. In this case I would recommend to enable it on a LAB environment first, to get familiar with it.


              SSL Scanner is required to look into the Facebook communication. However I am not sure that it will allow the above rules to work. I have been playing with Facebook a while ago and found that blocking "/ajax/chat" is no longer sufficient to get rid of the chat.


              I would recommend to try the following first:


              - Block the Chat and Instant Message categories

              - Try to access the Chat on Facebook, but make sure you are using an HTTP connection (the URL in the address bar should NOT start with https://)


              Then let us look at the results again :-)




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                Ahmed Eissa



                i`m tring to block unwanted apps on facebook but with using https , blocking messeging and chat is not working  also there are alot of application i need to block

                i think i must activiate ssl scan encrypted option can u please help me more ?


                Thanks for your assistance