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    Doubts about remote access

      Hello guys,


      I must install the e-mail gateway to a client and is my first time doing that.


      I follow the procedures to install using command line interface, setting the data normally. But appears that something is missing.


      I made the "ping test" to try reach the router and returns error in this process.


      Also I try acess the Appliance using the web interface but the connection cannot be made. This test was made using the defined IP address and the default IP address.


      I need some help to guide and made the correct request to client.


      Can be something missing at DNS? I must force something to create a connection between the server and the network? Or can be something related to firewall? Where I can found the logs to help to found where is the problem


      I also try connect using the crossover cable that came with Appliance but I cannot access using browser or even ping.


      I try reinstall the SO and made a connection using default IP address (value informed in manual) but reports the same scenario


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