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    disk rather than download

      I bought a new computer without any virus program and I would like to transfer my subscription from my old, dying laptop to the new one.  I spent more than 20 minutes on hold hoping someone could agree to mail me a disk. Finally gave up and hung up


      I didn't see how large it is, or if I could download it to a flash drive...



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          If you already had the product installed then simply go to your online account and download a fresh copy.  https://home.mcafee.com/secure/protected/login.aspx


          Once you are in the account check the subscription to ensure there is a license left to use.  If your old machine is showing as still using it, which is possible if you didn't uninstall McxAfee before switching machines, then deactivate that one and a license should then become available.


          If it doesn't or if you have a problem with the account call Customer Service, it's a free call:  http://service.mcafee.com/CustomerService.aspx?lc=1033&sg=CS&pt=1


          Edit:  I forgot to add, McAfee doesn't send out CD's - those you buy in the shops when you purchase a new product. there.




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            Thank you... but the problem is when I bought the new one, it did not come with ANY virus program installed so I cannot go online to download safely. 


            Not sure about 'uninstalling' the whole thing from the old computer... you think this wil make the license become 'available' on my account?


            At this point I may have to go buy a disk... or download a temp virus program on a flash drive so I can install it to get me online.


            thanks again for the response

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              The fact that you had McAfee installed on your old machine means you already have an online account.  That is automatically created when you activate the product.  Simply go there on your new machine and proceed from there.  The account also has a download button.


              If you still have the old machine and it is still connected to the internet then yes, uninstall McAfee from that, unless you happen to know if your account supports multiple machines....as in a 3-user license (or you intend to continue using it).   That's where a phone call to Customer Service might help you.


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                I went online once without a virus program installed and immediately got hit with some virus, so I'm not likely to try that again.  I need to install something before going online to download McAfee.

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                  What operating system and service pack is this? Are you connecting through a wireless router by any chance, if so is the connection encrypted?  When you last tried to download what caused you to think you were being infected?   It's difficult to get infected without actually going to somewhere dangerous first.


                  You should have Windows Firewall switched on which will protect you long enough.  If you are connecting via your ISP through a secure connection then you shouldn't run any risk of infection if you go streaight to McAfee and not via any other websites.   The McAfee connection is secure.


                  McAfee don't mail out CD's so you would have to go to a shop that sells software for that.   That means buying new software.

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                    It wasn't this computer that got hit... a few years ago, different computer.


                    Anyway... you've made it sound safe enough to proceed to McAfee.   I haven't even opened th box yet... so as soon as I get time I will download the program.


                    Thank you... you've been very helpful!

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                      Ah, well it sounds good to me.   Out of interest what operating system and service is installed on the new computer and do you know if it's 32 or 64-bit?  (x86 or x64).


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                        I have no idea... I paid $269 yesterday at Best Buy and right now, I don't even know what brand it is!  I was so frustrated with my old one (for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I hate Vista), and since I don't really need anything fancy, this sounded great.  I hope it will be!

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                          And the new one has number keys on the right!  Very excited about that!

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