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    Conflict with Malawarebytes and Spywareblaster

      After contacting McAfee techs for problems I was experiencing  with my Total Protection, I was told that due to recent updates to the VirusScan (build 11.0.623) and Security Center (build 15.0.294),  Malwarebytes and Spywareblaster are no longer compatible with McAfee. I was instructed to uninstall these programs as they will conflict with Total Protection. I only used Malwarebytes as an on demand scanner (not actively running) and Spywareblaster is a passive protection program.


      This is a surprise to me as multiple sources indicate that there is NO conflict with these two programs. In fact, there are multiple postings on this forum that indicate that there is no such conflict. I have run both of those programs for years without any conflict at all. What's changed, or are the McAfee techs incorrect in their information? Both of the other software groups say they are not aware of any conflicts.


      I am looking for definitve answers as to whether running Malwarebytes as an on demand scanner only or Spywareblaster will in fact conflict with Total Protection contrary to every piece of infomation I have seen to date.


      Thanks to whomever can assist me in trying to get this answer.