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    virus definitions for old version of virusscan

      virusscan enterprise 8.0.0
      virus definitions: 4382
      scan engine: 4320

      My McAfee's virusscan enterprise 8.0.0 says the virus definitions is 4382.
      If it's current, is it supposed to say "virus definitions: 5403"?
      When I launch update, it goes through starting DAT update to verifying 5403.zip and finally
      says update finished. But it seems to be failing as the log says:

      Verifying delta.ini.
      Verifying dat-5403.zip.
      Invalid virus definition files.
      Update failed to version 4.0.5403.
      Verifying EngDet.mcs.
      Searching available updates for Engine.
      Downloading PkgCatalog.z.
      Verifying PkgCatalog.z.
      Extracting PkgCatalog.z.
      Loading update configuration from: PkgCatalog.xml
      Update failed to version 5.3.00.

      So my questions is, is my virusscan enterprise 8.0.0 (virus definitions: 4382
      scan engine: 4320) that's running on my PC behind in virus definitions?

      Thank you

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