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    EEPC 5.2.11 and Tablet Support

      Hi Everyone


      As you may be aware, Endpoint Encryption for PC version 5.2.11 was recently released. One of the larger PER's in that release was support for the WACOM USB driver. What this essentially means is that specific tablet devices which use either the WACOM Serial (older style) or USB (newer style) devices can now be supported in the EEPC Pre-boot. McAfee has tested this support on a specific set of devices and can atest to those devices working as expected.


      Similar to the Reader Support, McAfee is taking a stance where we claim support for specific devices which have been explicitly tested by the EEPC QA Team. Other devices may work as expected, however McAfee has not officially tested those devices inhouse. Should a customer find a device which is not working as expected, it should be logged as a Product Enhancement Request (PER) that can be appropriately assessed and scheduled by Product Management.


      An administrator just needs to enable the On-screen keyboard support and the necessary WACOM support. Then the end user can use their finger(nail) or the digital stylus to enter the relevant information in pre-boot.


      This type of support can be useful for companies in the Healthcare industry, Utilities (Energy, Oil, etc) or any industry where employees may be out on the road and want to use a touch interface.


      Best regards


      Anthony Merry

      Senior Product Manager

      Endpoint Encryption for PC


      on 22/11/11 20:26:17 CET
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