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    Policy temperamental

      EPO 4.6, Agent 4.6, Vse 8.8.


      Some of the clients policies fail to adhere to the epo policy. The access protection policy on the server for example, is set as vmware all disabled. But the clients keep enabling the reporting options for the vmware access protection policy.



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          Sorry for obvious answer , on the Policy are you sure you have selected the drop down in the top left and selected 'server' rather than 'workstation'?


          Caught me out a few times.


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            yes i have set both the server and workstation on access policy to be completely disabled for vmware. But on the clients and servers some are still showing as enabled. One server is especially annoying because the report keeps filling up the logs and in the end i will stop looking at it and might miss something important.


            I know the policy is updating because if i make changes to for example the password that locks the interface then force a policy update, then it changes the password but the access protection policy does not change.


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              Do you have a 'Modify Policy on Single System' applied Access Protection policy that is breaking inheritance and overriding changes made to the group applied policy?

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                Nope they are on the My Default policy and it is inherited from the My organisation node.


                I have tried several times to force a policy update but the policy won't take.


                Windows 2008 r2 standard 64bit