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    URL Exception with media filtering

      Can someone suggest an way to achieve the following.  I have a V7 policy setup and working great.  I have a Ruleset that contains a number of rules, there is one rule that blocks the Web Mil category.  I have built a Wildcard list of URLs that are webmailsites I want to allow.  Initially I was thinking jsut put a rule above the rule that blocks the category, match the URL and then do a Stop Rule Set.  However I also want to fiter file types downloaded from this custome list.  Basically i want to allow access to specificed Web Mail sites but filter the file types they download while the rule later on blocks the Web Mail category which shold block all the others.


      I know I could have problems in the fact these sites could be SSL and would need inspection but couldnt I block it based on the the filetype in the request rather than actrually inspecting the file?  Any ideas would be great.