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    IS/Anti-virus 2012: exclude with wildcard setting '*.zip', how?

      How do I set an exclusion in schedule scans for wild card definition? to clarify ' *.zip ' would represent exclude all zip files from a schedule scan. I saw this in help files for McAfee and was a purchasing decision datum. But the product I have and documentation seem to be a little disconnected.


      I'm brand new to McAfee Internet Security 2012, its got an interesting interface that is different from all others I've used.


      I found how to add files and folders, but these are very specific items. I'm good at putting like files (eg. photos) in a folder, but zip and other special file types (vmdk) are stored in unique areas according to topic and shared with other files/folders that should be scanned.


      My first use of McAfee IS has had some challenges, but with help from forums have partially overcome (so far).


      I've one machine with 3M+ files. A lot of zips and nba and rar files. These are not commerical files.

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          Unfortunately you can't set a wildcard exception only actual files using the custom scan option, and the exception only works for a scheduled or a manual scan but not for the real-time scanner that works in the background.

          If those files are unchanged and merely being stored it might be an idea to move them to a removable drive that you can disconnect.


          Edit:  We have been agitating to get this as a feature plus extend the exceptions to the real-time scanner, unsuccessfully so far.


          It might be an idea to suggest it here:  https://community.mcafee.com/community/home/ideas


          It is already a part of the Enterprise product I believe.




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            Thank you for the reply.


            The Real-time scanning should always be inclusive regardless. However, for other scans being able to exclude with wildcard would be a resource saver as a schedules/manual scan crippled my system with 100% CPU for over 48hrs and still had not finished. (That's a different issue I believe.)


            Its a shame that the wildcard was removed in the 2012 version.


            In a lot of cases these files are accessed regularly, so offlining them is an unavailable avenue.


            Again thank you for your reply it was very helpful.

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              I'll bring this up on our conference call with McAfee today, meanwhile putting in a suggestion as I mentioned might be a good idea.


              I wasn't aware that a wildcard setting was even possible in any previous consumer versions.


              Across the board file and folder exceptions were possible back in VirusScan 7 days - even in real-time scanning but not wildcards as far as I recall.




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                By the way, have you thought of ignoring a schedule and using a manual scan, use the Customize option to ignore '..zip and other compressed files'




                ..and put in a product idea as I suggested earlier.