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    Firewall issues with latest update 12.0.345


      Hi guys


      Last Friday night Mcafee automatically updated itself to thelatest builds of the Personal Firewall (12.0.345), VirusScan (15.0.294) and Security Center (11.0.623).

      After updating, it wanted a restart, so I did.


      Basically since this point in time, my internet connections has been very very ordinary. Some webpages do not load at all (and I have to click refresh a few times to get the full page to load), if I try to load 3 web pages at once the first one might load, the other two don't and just idle...this has never ever happened to me before.


      I contacted my internet provider and they indicated nothing had changed with my account etc.


      I have since worked out (i think) that it relates to one of these mcafee updates (i'm thinking firewall). If I disable the firewall, my internet returns to the previous speed (i was able to open 15 web pages, all of which loaded in fairly quick time). When I re-enabled the firewall and tried to open 6 pages, only 1 loaded and the others idled.


      Is this a known issue? IS there anything that can be done? (obviously i do not want to disable my firewall)





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          You may want to contact Technical Support http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=1033&sg=TS after you run the McAfee Virtual Technician for assistance.

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            Amusingly, when I go to install MV Technician, it gets to the "copying component files" and then says "Installation failed"


            Not a good day...any ideas on this one? (also, I had to disable my firewall to even get it that far)



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              Perhaps you may have some corruption in the McAfee files in your computer that is causing you issues now that you have mentioned installation failed.


              I would suggest you uninstall the software from your computer and reboot. Go to Useful Links at the top of this page and run the MCPR removal tool which will remove any remaining traces of McAfee the normal uninstall might not get completely out and reboot again.


              Then go to your online McAfee account and download and install the software and see if the issue has been resolved.

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                Thanks for the speedy response. HAve done that and Virtual Technician has installed and worked etc.


                Internet is still stuffed but at least part 1 is fixed! (it had two errors, one was a registry error, the other says missing files from site advisor - can't imagine either relate to my internet problems, still...)


                Thanks for your help



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                  @Wiggum - Have been able to find a resolution for this problem?  I'm having the exact same issue with this 12.0.345 firewall upgrade on my Windows 7 laptop and I've found a few other posts on this forum describing similar issues with this same upgrade.


                  Specifically, the firewall is blocking downloads and video streams after a few seconds.







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                    After spending half a day with a Mcafee technician on Sunday, it took another technician (on tuesday) 15 minutes to solve.


                    First they uninstalled all Mcafee and reinstalled (probably not necessary - this is what they did on the Sunday)


                    On the Tuesday the guy disabled Net Guard and that was pretty much it.


                    Net Guard. I asked the guy about it. He said its not necssarily necessary, what it does is scan pages you view to see if there's anything malicious about it therefore it takes longer to load.


                    I asked why have it if its does this. He didn't really have a response.


                    Hope it works (most frustrating time of my life to be honest)



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                      Well if that is what he said,that is  bad advice in my opinion.I can assume you already knew that by your answer.Why have it if it is not needed.Net guard is an extra protection feature that is part of your package.I imagine you paid for this??Why have security when some of it is not working.Since you seem to have an Internet connection.What happens when you try to load the other pages??Do they load eventually? I see that you also have said your connections are very ordinary.Many of others have had similar situations.Such as myself.You can try to enable net guard again,Then open a browser.Open your task manager and look at processes.Out of curiosity see if there are any processes that are consuming large amount of CPU such as Mcshield.exe, Mcagent,etc Also see that your Cpu is not at 90-100%

                      This would cause a huge slow down.Could also be the problem.I had this problem In 2 different editions of Mcafee.

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                        I have been having exactly the same problems over the past few weeks (Windows Vista).  It takes about a minute and half to log into my ISP, I then can't get my email as I am timed out.  If I try access any other sites I have to wait about a minute then refresh - I usually get 'cannot display page' and diagnosis comes up with nothing - a refresh then usually loads the page.  Then can't get to the next page - so on and so forth!


                        My ISP has been monitoring my broadband and there is nothing wrong there and my pc itself runs fine.  So, in seeing that Mcshield is using most of my CPU and also memory I have taken down the McAfee firewall and am using the Windows firewall - evrything is now back to normal speed!


                        I would like to know what has happened to my McAfee firewall and how to fix it (in idiots terms as I am not particularly techy!) as I am a bit miffed I am paying for something I am not getting!


                        ps. Why doesn't the task bar icon show you when updates are currently being done any more?  At least I used to know why my pc had suddenly slowed down.


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                          I also had lots of issues. Even a Lead Tech from my ISP could not figure it out. I know it cost my ISP hundreds of dollars and it cost me far more than this I pay per year for this service.


                          Net Guard IS the problem. To open a page on the Internet I had to reload it multiple times. Downloads won't complete with Net Guard on.


                          Cost me many hours in addition to the hours my ISP put in trying to solve why I could not complete a dowload or even a simple speedtest. I had to drive across town a couple of times a day to do downloads for work wasting $7 in gas each time. Not to mention my work time valued at about $50 per hour. I expect it added up to perhaps as much as 12 hours of my time wasted altogether.


                          Folks, if you having any issues turn off Net Guard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                          Problem is there were no idicators that Net Guard was the issue. When I let a tech onto my computer the first thing done is you shutdown the Firewall so they can find the issue and of course you are fixing the issue by shutting it down. Then when they turn the Firewall back on to if the issues remain after working on it, the issue is still there. This has been a major issue for me.



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