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    Verify Subscription Problem

      I thought others may be interested in this. I have had problems being asked to renew my subscription which expires in 2012. I have reinstalled and also run the repair tool. I had a lengthy chat session today and have been informed that it is a known issue which they are working on and they will be in touch in 2 days.I wondered if anyone else was having thjis problem.

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          Hi Charlie_Chimp,


          Just asking if you could post your session id number that you received recently by contacting chat. Peacekeeper or ExBrit might be able to find out something more on the next conference call with the McAfee techs and this number they could pass on to their contact with the tech. I am sorry but I do not have anything further to mention on this issue.

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            I think the number you mean is 484570-773833666. Thanks,

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              I have been having this problem since 3rd Nov 2011!


              Have had 2 lengthy chats with McAfee to no avail. Reinstalled umpteen times. Run the repair tool ditto.


              They have finally admitted it is a server problem.


              I am currently waiting on a call from their 'research team', so far nothing, nada, zilch even though they asked me for a time to call, which has now passed.


              Have been a McAfee customer for many years and only had minor problems. This latest has left me without a 'safe' PC for 10 days.


              Seems like I've just been fobbed off (though people on this forum have been very helpful).


              On the point of uninstalling for ever and going elsewhere.



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                tried another live chat to find out why they hadn't phoned me as agreed, but from conversation, I don't think it was ever escalated


                offered me another call in 3 hours, no apology....


                whinged until they offered an hour but that was probably to get me off the live chat


                absolutely appalling service (have tried to get their complaints procedure but they just fob me off)

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                  Kez, if there is a problem with their servers somehwere, it would be helpful if they could communicate that to the technical advisors so that the customers do not waste time uninstalling/reinstalling and repeating repair tools etc.. my problem was quickly escalated to level 2 and, following a lengthy wait while they checked things out he advised me   "it's a known issue with McAfee. Some customers are facing this problem. Our engineering team is still working on the issue. The issue will get resolved within two days of time".     He then promised he would get back to me with the update for this issue in two days.  I kept a copy of our conversation for future reference.


                  Communication is the key to keeping customers happy, and the above information could have been given to the technical support teams. I do not mind if there is a problem and it is being worked on. I do not like it if you are kept in the dark. Hopefully your one hour wait was productive.

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                    Absolutely agree with you.


                    I feel they knew there was a problem but did not acknowledge it immediately, or within a reasonable amount of time


                    each time I contacted them, it was back to the beginning, I have wasted many hours reinstalling and running the sub repair tool


                    the volunteer mods on here have been kept in the dark, it seems, and the McAfee staff on here have been silent on the issue


                    today, someone did phone me


                    whether progress has been made, I cannot tell


                    first was told there is a problem with the type of wireless connection I am using, and if I plugged in the cable, it should work fine


                    it didn't


                    he looked at things like the expiry date, tried to update , ran the sub repair tool (sigh!), but still the same problem


                    it is a server problem (I already knew that)


                    said he would ring in 2 days at an agreed time, but who knows whether the problem will be solved


                    by then, I will have been without my own internet access for nearly 2 weeks (have to borrow a friend's laptop for a few mins each day)

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                      Not sure how relevant this is but I have 5 licences in total so that my children, who are away at uni can have a licenced copy on their laptops at my expense. One is on an XP laptop, one has Vista, and the rest are windows 7. All use a different ISP - Orange, BT, and Virgin. They are spread around the country in Sheffield, Liverpool, and Middlesbrough, Yet all have the very same problem. If one of my servers at work had a fault and it was not fixed the same day someone would be fired. Mine went wrong on 4th November which is too long for such a fault.

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                        Once again I can only agree with you.


                        What I do find tiresome is the having to go back to Sq 1 everytime one has a live chat (they obviously don't read the previous log).


                        Plus when I had the first chat on 4th November, it must have been obvious to the tech that there was a server problem, as he was unable to get the Sub Repair Tool to download, and when he 'pinged' the McAfee server, it timed out. He sent me the instructions and told me to DIY.


                        I assume it is a problem of humungeous proportions if it cannot be fixed quickly.


                        I have one PC using Windows 7 and one XP, both using the same router.


                        A simultaneous 'ping' to other websites results in a good response. I asked the question during my live chat on 11/11 'is it a server problem?' and it was denied.

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                          Not sure if this is related, but I seem to get the verify subscription error after it has attempted an update. i have tried updating manually and I get a message "an error occurred" and immediately after that it wants me to verify my subscription. I have tried reinstalling after using the removal tool to ensure it is clean, but this has made no difference. What could be causing this. I know my technical chat said it was a server problem, but I am not so sure as a server problem would surely have been fixed given that it is 10 days since my problem started.

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