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    Question for exchange expert : Slow Findrow Rate possible cause


      We are in the process of finalyzing the implantation of a monitoring system. We did add a manitor for exchange 2010, and in the monitor that are available, it actualy look at a bunch of internal exchange parameter and warn us if someting is out of threshold.


      By default there is a threshold of 10 ( set by microsoft ) on the parameter Slow findrow rate. I dont know what that mean but in the microsoft description :


      "Higher values indicate applications are crawling or searching mailboxes, which is affecting server performance. These include desktop search engines, customer relationship management (CRM), or other third-party applications."


      My question is : is it possible that groupshiled may cause this ?


      Note that this not produce any noticable problem, and if we did not have put a exchange monitor, we would have not notice anything.


      If it's groupshield, what parameter could we adjust to fix this.


      Thanks !